mhofner (mhofner) wrote in tufts11,

Trying to run a pilot program with Tufts students

Hi all. My name is Marc.

For a final project for my MBA, I'm working with a team of people to try and test out an opportunity related to personal outsourcing. The concept is basically to provide a source of money-making for college students by enabling community members to outsource short-duration tasks (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc).

In order to test this opportunity, I'm trying to setup an online pilot program in the Tufts/Davis Square area where community members would act as the consumers who are dictating what services they need done, and the Tufts students would act as the service providers. This seems to make the most sense since college students typically have more flexible schedules than local working professionals (a ha! assumption #1) and usually are in need of money (okay, who isn't?). In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter who provides the services, and who requests them. I'd simply like to see if a system that could facilitate transactions for such short-duration tasks would be feasible.

Of course, I hit the streets and tried the basic marketing tasks of passing out postcards in the area, but that proved highly inefficient. So I'm turning my attention back to the online community to see if anyone is interested in participating.

I guess, in a nutshell, if you're interested in participating in a 1- or 2-week study that would require only a few hours of your time, have/need the ability to make sure extra cash during this time, and you'd be willing to help out a local neighbor & student, drop me a line. or 617.529.7288
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