Rebecca (becs1024) wrote in tufts11,

Name: Rebecca
Location: Central New Jersey
Favorite Food: Depends on my mood
Top Movies: The Prestige, Pleasantville, American Psycho, Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Coke or Pepsi: Peach Snapple
Dream Job: Foley artist, record engineer, movie critic, rock writer, photo retoucher for a fashion magazine
Favorite Places You Have Been: Times Square at 8PM
Do you drink? Nope
Do you smoke? Nope
Greatest Fears: Wax figures, losing a limb
Favorite Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Michael Chabon
Famous Person You've Met: Among others - Bill O'Reilly, in a bathroom backstage at Radio City Music Hall. True story
Favorite Type of Pie: Apple
Favorite Holiday: Memorial Day
Favorite Season: Spring
Democrat or Republican: Democrat
Do you believe in G-d?: I was Bat Mitzvah'd, but I'm agnostic at the moment
Favorite Class: Computer Graphics
Favorite Fruit: Grapes
Last Halloween Costume: Martha Wayne (Bruce Wayne's mother) as a zombie
Photo: In my Halloween costume, natch
Quirky Characteristics: I love superhero comics and knitting
Favorite Sport: Fencing
Guilty Pleasure: Bad TV, chiefly Smallville; Drake Bell's legitimately awesome music
Hero(es): Superman
Where will you (if you do) study abroad? I probably won't, but if I do, maybe England, Italy, or Australia
Where else were you considering besides Tufts? Pretty much nowhere else - Cornell and Boston U were runner-ups
What were your extracurriculars at school?: Fencing, orchestra, NHS, little else
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