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yayyyy tufts lj

ohmigosh. i know its like 2 months into the school year but i just found this community and i'm so happy.

Name: sarah
Location: houston hall 4th floor! but i come from philadelphia suburbia.
Favorite Food: hm... mashed potatoes, pad thai, SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE WITH MARSHMALLOWS.
Top Movies: moulin rouge, office space, what the bleep?!, donnie darko.
Coke or Pepsi: ...sprite?
Dream Job: working with sick kids.
Favorite Places You Have Been: holden beach, nc, sea isle city, nj, philadelphia.
Do you drink?: yes, but not so much here as back home.
Do you smoke?: sometimes.
Greatest Fears: being disliked, being rejected, the dark. i am hardcore afraid of the dark.
Favorite Author: j.k. rowling!, vonnegut, fitzgerald.
Famous Person You've Met: scottie roland!
Favorite Type of Pie: blueberry
Favorite Holiday: thanksgiving.
Favorite Season: autumn.
Democrat or Republican: democrat; proud freshman rep for tufts dems!
Do you believe in G-d?: i believe in a spirit that unites us; whether its a god or just humanity is up to interpretation.
Favorite Class: at tufts, its my bio&society class. at home, it was probably u.s. history.
Favorite Fruit: apples. definitely fresh apples. but blueberries are an extremely close second.
Last Halloween Costume: mr. bubbles... in like 8th grade.
Photo: a picture from das deutsche immersion wochenende
Quirky Characteristics: i love rap music, orange juice, and jeopardy.
Favorite Sport: BASEBALL.
Guilty Pleasure: the hills, flavor of love, rock of love, laguna beach... you get the idea.
Hero(es): my little sister
Where will you (if you do) study abroad?: i'll probably do a year in tuebingen, germany.
Where else were you considering besides Tufts?: uconn, st. joes in philadelphia. i'm glad i'm here, though.
What were your extracurriculars at school?: youth&government, pep band, concert band, jazz band, model oas, deutsch klub, morning news crew, stage crew.
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