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Okay, so I randomly found this, and I admit it- I am a survey whore. So I decided to do it. Scoreeee.

Name: Kathryn, but everyone calls me Katie
Location: North Jersey (Have to differentiate between becs1024 and I)
Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies. And Italian food.
Top Movies: Ummm...FeverPitch, Star Wars, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, V For Vendetta, Pride and Prejudice, Devil Wears Prada, John Tucker Must Die, Schindler's List, EuroTrip, a lot of others I can't think of....
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Dream Job: Neuro/cardio-thoracic surgeon or neurologist at a hospital. So everything is always changing and I never get bored
Favorite Places You Have Been: Down the shore, especially Long Beach Island. And I love Boston.
Do you drink? Yeah, though I'm not a big drinker
Do you smoke? Nope
Greatest Fears: I'm terrified of needles and losing the people I love.
Favorite Author: Ahhhh this is awfully difficult. Jane Austen, Dostoevsky, the person who wrote The Devil Wears Prada and...I'm too lazy to go look for my other favorite authors
Famous Person You've Met: Hmm...I met the guys of Young Love, though they're not incredibly famous yet
Favorite Type of Pie: I don't really like pie. Do they make chocolate pie?
Favorite Holiday: Hmm....I don't know. Maybe Halloween.
Favorite Season: I love them all
Democrat or Republican: Democrat
Do you believe in G-d?: I'm not really sure. I don't believe in any one organized religion's God, but I don't rule out the existence of a higher being
Favorite Class: Biology. And of this year, I guess Modern European History
Favorite Fruit: Apples and bananas
Last Halloween Costume: Haha, my friend and I went as Cyanide. I was Carbon and she was Nitrogen.
Photo: Here is my senior picture. On facebook there's like 200 of me
Quirky Characteristics: Haha, I wrote my college essay on this. I'm incredibly quirky. I talk a lot- I like never shut up. I'm a complete nerd and have a huge amount of relatively useless information, but I don't always share it. I'm a complete klutz but I figure skate. I'd do anything for my friends. I spend a majority of my time making snarky comments to make people laugh. I may seem incredibly shallow and wrapped up in silly problems, but there's more to me than that- I just deal with my life by talking about minor problems. I listen to Sean Paul, Beethoven, and Brand New and appreciate them all. I'm also a Red Sox fan trapped in a hellhole of Yankee fans. Can't wait to be among my own kind next year.
Favorite Sport: Soccer and figure skating.
Guilty Pleasure: Grey's Anatomy and The OC. And other soap operas like that. I can't help it. I love them.
Hero(es): I don't know, really.
Where will you (if you do) study abroad? I'd like to study in Central Europe, but I think I'll end up in England or Ireland or do a visiting program somewhere in the US.
Where else were you considering besides Tufts? Colgate, Lafayette, and Gettysburg
What were your extracurriculars at school?: Varsity Soccer, Forensics (Speech and Debate), Ambassador's Club, Writing Coaches,  and I know I was involved in more....but I can't think of it.

Thanks, summer vacation, for making me stupid.

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