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Name: Suh (Lee, if you're looking for a full name for facebook whorage)
Location: Miami, FL (not so far from [info]elentari17)
Favorite Food: Chajang myun; black bean paste and vegetable noodles.
Top Movies: Farce of the Penguins, Serenity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, The Mummy, My Sassy Girl, 300, &c.
Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi.
Dream Job: Some type of successful lawyer, though keep me away from political activism; just keep me informed. Being a professor is nice. Journalist.
Favorite Places You Have Been: Seoul, Korea. So many things to do there!
Do you drink? Yes, but not to get smashed.
Do you smoke? Rarely.
Greatest Fears: Large insects.
Favorite Author: Can't pick favorites, here!
Famous Person You've Met: I have a shoddy memory; if I did meet anyone, I probably forgot.
Favorite Type of Pie: Apple.
Favorite Holiday: St. Patrick's Day.
Favorite Season: Summer or winter.
Democrat or Republican: Democrat.
Do you believe in G-d?: Not necessarily, but something's got to be up there.
Favorite Class: Yearbook a.k.a., Napping.
Favorite Fruit: Strawberries and grapefruits.
Last Halloween Costume: Asian FOB.
Photo: Here. See facebook for more coherent pictures.
Quirky Characteristics: I look like one of those quiet, stereotypical Asians at first, but I'm very loud. I have a wide variety of interests, from anime to Asian soaps, writing to folding paper stars, shopping to geeking out over net humor... so in the end, I'm very all over the place. I can bond with a lot of gamer/nerd/insertstereotypehere guys, while at the same time, bond with a lot of girly girls at the same time. Doesn't matter who you are, so long as you don't make ignorant comments without seeing both sides of the story.
Favorite Sport: Soccer, hands down. I'd love to play it, but according to my doctor, I can't. :<
Guilty Pleasure: Being a total nerd, in the end. I like Harry Potter, but to the extent where I take part in a text-based game, based on the theme of the books. If you see me on the computer, ever? I'm probably logged on the game. I'm a total internet whore, social as I can be. Also, Farce of the Penguins. It's such a crude movie but hilarious in the end.
Hero(es): Me, me me! Well, no, not really. But there's just too much to list. ;)
Where will you (if you do) study abroad? China and South Korea.
Where else were you considering besides Tufts? University of Florida, Brandeis, University of Miami, and UNC: Chapel Hill.
What were your extracurriculars at school?: Co-President of the Comprehensive Tutoring Program, Vice-President of Fundraising for Mu Alpha Theta (which died due to a lack of sponsor), Vice-President of Asian Heritage Club, Treasurer for Model UN, Treasurer for Key Club, and Community Service Liason's Bitch for NHS.
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Thanks. x) We had a blast orchestrating the entire thing, so yeah.

I think a lot of people mistake Asians for being really quiet and out of it... not true.

It's actually pretty cool how I met you on facebook then on the LJ comm. I totally didn't expect that. ;)
haha indeed. the internet is funny like that.
1. I think that picture deserves an explaination to go with it.
2. Im obsessed with folding paper stars! I always have like 20 in my pockets.
Oh, it's a funny one. It was during spring break and we tried to go over a friend's house, only to be rejected ("45 more minutes!" she exclaimed over the phone). We had nothing else to do so we went over this other friend's house. She wasn't home (she was gambling her life savings at Las Vegas at the time) so we decided to do a breaking-and-entering type of thing. So we keyed her mom's car, kicked her car, kicked and punched the screen leading to the pool only to be discovered by the neighborhood dog (there's a picture of my partner in crime going, D:! on facebook), going back to the front door and lifting open the mailbox, leaving sweets on the top of the door handle, stealing her windchime and her security sign, prying open her door with said security sign, giving up and stashing the windchime and security sign in my car, and jumping over fences.

Of course, none of this actually happened. We just took pictures of pretending to do it. It's on a facebook album somewhere. x)

I'm only obsessed because it's a Korean/Japanese/Thai tradition where you make a 1000 stars, put it into a jar or container, and give it to the person you like. There's different variations like mixing it with paper cranes and stuff, but that's the general concept. Frankly, there's no one in my high school that's deserving of that so I'm planning on lugging the 1000 stars to Tufts. If you check out my future dorm, it's probably going to be right next to my laptop.
Hahaha, I was a little worried for the first paragraph of this comment :P
I didnt know about that tradition, veeeeeeeeeeery interesting. High school boys are ridiculous for the most part, I agree, save them up.
soolí! :D

You never told me if you got your financial aid package(?)

None yet. :(
That is a seriously emo icon.
ooh yay for harry potter! I'm molly n on facebook fyi