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I think I pretty much decided to join as soon as I saw the community's layout. Awesome.

Name: Ashleigh
Location: Miami, FL
Favorite Food: Peach buds!! Technically, it's candy. But they're soooooo good...
Top Movies: Jude, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Lord of the Rings (all three...huge fan)
Coke or Pepsi: They're both the same to me.
Dream Job: Either teaching or...something else equally academic. I've always fantasized about working for a university press.
Favorite Places You Have Been: Ahhh! Oxford, England. Soooooo beautiful. I really, really want to visit again.
Do you drink? Nooo.
Do you smoke? Opium, figuratively. Which means: no.
Greatest Fears: Ahhh, there are so many things to fear... 
Favorite Author: Too many. I love all my Roman authors, but my favorite outside of them would have to be Thomas Hardy.
Famous Person You've Met: Um...Shaq (informally, haha). Frank Gary Powers Jr.?
Favorite Type of Pie: Pi
Favorite Holiday: Icelandic Independence Day
Favorite Season: Winter in the South. Spring in the North
Democrat or Republican: Democrat
Do you believe in G-d?: I worship the Hawk.
Favorite Class: Eh...I'm not particularly fond of any of my classes right now, but back in ye olden days, I liked history and literature related classes. I was fond of my online Latin class, so I can't wait until I can have a real class in it this fall.
Favorite Fruit: Apples. Last year for AP Design, my concentration was....apples. They're pretty easy to I think that's the reason why that happened. I couldn't eat apples the whole year though...Whenever I saw one, I'd smell oil paint.
Last Halloween Costume: Oy. Can't's been too long since I've done anything for Halloween. I think it's one of the few holidays that I really hate.
Photo: (see default icon)
Quirky Characteristics: Excessive use of emoticons...and ellipses... :D. Oh, and it's not really characteristic, but my birthday is the same day as Icelandic Independence Day. >)
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Guilty Pleasure: Terry Brooks' Shannara series...It's all the same plot...but I love it! You'll be reading, and it will all seem perfectly the same and predictable, and you can tell it's the same plot as before, and then he'll hit you with something weird like, "Character So-and-So looks like a wolfman because his elemental spirit mother conceived him in a three-day orgy." Whaaaa?
Hero(es): Myself O:)
Where will you (if you do) study abroad? I had wanted to do Oxford, but the program they have with Pembroke doesn't accomodate for classicists :(. If not Oxford, then UCL, because I am utterly a diehard Anglophile.
Where else were you considering besides Tufts? I was considering joining a pack of gypsies, but was convinced finally that I needed a college education by Terry Brooks. (ahem) Basically, Ivies. I was seriously considering Berkeley, but opted for the Boston area, where I'll finally be able to (hopefully) see the Tallis Scholars in concert! Whee!
What were your extracurriculars at school?: Model UN, litmag, NAHS, Girl Scouts...can hardly remember anything else. Senioritis is a bitch.
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