sylvia. (sylviarr) wrote in tufts11,

SPRING OPEN HOUSE + other info

I just got a letter and it says

"I hope you and your parents will attend one of our Open House programs for accepted students in April. The day-long programs scheduled for Thursday April 19, Friday April 20, and Monday April 23."

They also said they'll mail us some other papers (orientation materials, preliminary info on course selection and placement) after May 1.

Also. We need to be in school by August 29 for orientation.

We'll get our roommate's info in the first week of August.

We need to live on campus, have a physical, have health insurance, can't have a car, buy a meal plan.

We'll get a brochure about advising programs in early June.

+ some other stuff. You guys'll get this letter too...
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