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hello fellow jumbos!

Name: Claire
Location: Seattle, WA
Favorite Food: Matza Ball Soup
Top Movies: (SO MANY!!!) Shakespeare in Love, Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually, Wedding Crashers, Lion King, Little Miss Sunshine, Ten Things I Hate About You
Coke or Pepsi: coke
Dream Job: Actress on Broaday, host of Today on NBC, or trial attorney
Favorite Places You Have Been: Italy and Zambia
Do you drink? when the occasion presents itself
Do you smoke? no
Greatest Fears: no tarantulas, please
Favorite Author: Jhumpa Lahiri, Ernest Hemingway, Shakespeare
Famous Person You've Met: Tom Hanks
Favorite Type of Pie: Blackberry
Favorite Holiday: Halloween...or Christmas
Favorite Season: Fall
Democrat or Republican: Democrat :)
Do you believe in G-d?: depends on what G-d is
Favorite Class: English, Theater, Mock Trial
Favorite Fruit: Mango
Last Halloween Costume: I was in a play and had to curl my hair, so I wore curlers to school and said I was an actress...
Photo: I had trouble uploading one on here! go on facebook to see lots
Quirky Characteristics: I've won contests involving hanging a spoon on my nose, and I love singing really loudly while driving.
Favorite Sport: skiing
Guilty Pleasure: creme brulee, and chick flicks
Hero(es): Katie Couric, Beatrice from Much Ado About Nothing
Where will you (if you do) study abroad? London?
Where else were you considering besides Tufts? Barnard, Vassar, Middlebury, Davidson, GWU, Williams
What were your extracurriculars at school?: Theater, Mock Trial, Speech, Ultimate Frisbee

i'm so excited for next fall, you guys!
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I've won contests involving hanging a spoon on my nose

hahaha that is so awesome
hahaha thanks. it's definitely a strange quirk ;)
I less than three creme brulee and theater and Tom Hanks. Woot!
sorry, i didn't quite get that...maybe i'm totally dumb and am just not reading it right! :) sorry!
Haha aww, no maybe I just leave cryptic comments. Less than three like '<' (less than) and then '3'. So <3. Like a heart. Yeah. :P
haha, no, i get it! thank you. and i'm so glad there are people excited about theater...i'm excited to do shows next year! :)
Me too, at some schools I looked at you have to be a drama major to be in plays but at Tufts, you dont have to be. Which is good. We can be in plays together! What plays did you do in high school?
i know, i'm so excited about tufts' theater! AND the "freshman only" show, which barely any other schools had. let's see, in high's a long list ;) so here's just a few favorites...

Romeo and Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, Cyrano de Bergerac, Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, Working, The Real Inspector Hound
haha i <3 shakespeare :)

what about you?
I LOVE SHAKESPEARE. I LOVE BEING IN SHAKESPEARE. I've actually only done it once but my school did this crazy post-apocalyptic Romeo and Juliet kind of like whatshisface's... what is his face. BAZ LERHMAN'S ROMJUL.
Were reeeeeeeeally lucky to have a really professional theater department so everyone had these gorgeous costumes and we have live original scoring that some students wrote and these amazing sets and it was just.. really fun. I was the nurse and it was the funnest part ever.
Ok Im done gushing :P Right now were doing Beauty and the Beast which is soooooo cool.
I LOVE THEATER. Im excited about the freshman show too because then I wont be the only one who is lost and confused.
This is such a long comment.
What would you say your favorite part was that you played?
omg you have no idea how excited i am that you love shakespeare! because it's like my FAVORITE :) OH YAY i love the nurse. and that sounds like SUCH a cool concept for R&J. When I did it, I was Juliet, which was amazing and so so so much fun. but I also love Olivia and Lady Macbeth, both super fun parts. someday i want to play Beatrice. who are you in beauty and the beast?? a bunch of my friends were in that last year.
right now i'm doing macbeth for the third time, and it's a really cool concept--the three witches play lady macbeth. the idea is that they possess her and that's the reason why she tells macbeth to do all the crazy stuff. it's strange, but really fun.
haha, sorry...marathon response!
Yaaaaaaaaaay! Ok, the more Tufts people I converse with, the more excited I get, because everyone Ive talked to seem like people that I would really enjoy spending time with.
JUUUUULIET! Thats sooooo cool!!!! When you drank that fake poison and "died" I was very upset. And right before your wedding! ;_;
Our Juliet was unfortunately kind of obnoxious. We should have imported you.
Im in ensemble for Beauty and the Beast which is still rad because I could be a fork or something. :P
Also, the Macbeth thing sounds veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting. I like when people put a little spin on Shakespeare, it keeps it fresh.
AND I LOVE BEATRICE!!! Shes so quick with those comebacks! Have you seen the Much Ado About Nothing with Keanu Reeves and Don John?? ITS RIDICULOUS. He stands out like a sore thumb. No. Like a sore arm.
Hoo boy. I still have homework to do but this is way more fun!
Also this is really funny. It takes a while to get started tho. :P
thats Keanu as* Don John
eeek i know me too! the only bad part about meeting everyone is that now i'm SO impatient for next year to get here! and there are barely any other Tufts kids from WA. haha, i'm sorry your J wasn't great; I wish I could have done it too!!! haha i love juliet :)
OH MY GOSH that much ado movie was GREAT!!!!! except of course a certain extremely wooden actor wearing leather pants....hahaha oh keanu...he's so terrible when compared with emma thompson and kenneth branaugh and all.
OMG I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!! i put it in my IM profile. hahaha. 1337...
oh, do you have facebook?
I do indeed! um. I just got one so how do we go about finding eachother? :P
and Emma Thompson is spectacular!!!
do you belong to the Tufts '11 group? because i do, and i've made a bunch of posts on the discussion board about theater. :)